Practwoods collaborates worldwide with a selected network of specialized interior design shops.
They will offer you advice and think along with you for setting up an overall concept for your surroundings, if desirable.
If you don’t have a dealer nearby, or you wish to order Practwoods products online, then you can do this directly from us.


From the moment we receive your payment, we will do everything we can to deliver your items in a timely fashion. An estimate of the expected delivery time can be found at each item on the product page.


These items will be made specifically for you and therefore may take longer, 4-8 weeks. For On demand items we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. This includes all on demand items as well as orders that have been placed into production as per the customer’s individual specifications: eg. A specific finish or tailored dimension.


Practwoods offers the following payment options:
– PayPal, During the payment process you will be re-directed to PayPal and can process the payment.
Your PayPal account will be charged at the end of the order process.
– Visa, Mastercard and American Express
– Ideal, mainly for customers in the Netherlands
– Payment in advance (through bank transfer)


Deliveries to private customers within the EU are liable for Dutch VAT (current rate 21%).
Companies with a valid VAT ID can order free of Dutch VAT. Please add your VAT number to the relevant box during the order process. Further costs, including any customs taxes or local VAT, are not included and are calculated by the local customs authorities based on the value and nature of the goods. These costs are to be paid directly to the local authorities. In general customs duty is not charged as our products are produced in the EU. We do however recommend that all customers in non-EU countries check with their respective authorities before ordering. The taxable value is defined by the value of the goods, the shipping costs and all payable taxes.

Charges such as import duties or during import declaration are for the buyers expense. Business and individual clients should acknowledge the risk of international shipment. Shipments of large items or bigger quantities outside the European Union require a Customs broker and ISF procedure to declare the goods in your country.

Please check with your local customs office for exact information.


Product prices listed on this website are inclusive of Dutch taxes but exclusive of Shipment costs. The Shipping costs are dependent on your delivery address. Shipment costs will be calculated in your shopping cart. 


All orders are shipped by Road and/or Sea freight. Practwoods will select the best method of shipment for your items. All mentioned delivery/ ship times are approximate only. The Buyer may select alternate shipping method (e.g. air freight), this has to be mentioned during the checkout process in the Special Instructions box. Additional charges than those normally incurred by the Practwoods method of shipping will be at the Buyer’s expense.  Practwoods will calculate and bill additional charges at the time of shipment. Complete shipping instructions should be given at the time the order is placed. These can filled-in the same Special Instructions box just before checkout.

Practwoods will not be liable for delay in shipment, delivery of the order or for the damages claimed to the result from such delay. Buyer bears the risk of loss or damage during shipment.


Upon receipt of the goods please check the packaging for any obvious signs of damage and report this on the delivery note.
We advise when receiving damaged packaging, not to accept it from the carrier.

If received, please make pictures of the damaged parcel before you open it. Otherwise we are not able to claim an amount from the shipper for the damaged goods. Next, check the content for damage. Please email pictures of the package and the damaged goods to

Should upon unpacking the goods any previously undetected damage be found please contact us.
All damages must be reported within 14 days together with evident pictures.

This can be notified by email to us. We will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your report.


Before returning any items please report our office first at ( that will organise the procedure.
All purchases can be returned within 14 days after you receive them. Should you be unhappy with the quality of the delivered goods, please inform us as soon as possible, quoting your order number as reference. We can then organize an exchange or return of the products. We can only accept returns without any signs of usage and in the original packing. If the goods are in any way damaged. We reserve the right to deduct an appropriate value from the refund. This right of return does not apply in the case of specially commissioned (colours or sizes) orders or in cases of reduced-price goods.

All items require a return number so please call or email us before sending the item. We cannot be responsible for any returned items that are lost or damaged from the Post service. We strongly advise to use registered and insured delivery. We do not refund the costs of postage and packaging from the original order. Shipping costs for returning are for account of the customer unless the package was received damaged.


Cancelling an order is possible only when you contact us within 24h by phone or by email at  Then we will confirm this cancelation to you by email. After 24hours it is not possible to alternate or change orders. With On Demand items (tailored dimensions, custom colours other than our standard collection) we are obligated to charge 100% of the amount of the invoice after the 24hours.


Practwoods provides spare parts and/or can arrange a repair service.
Please contact us for full details. Please be aware, to ensure the correct spare part we require accurate information as to the product and its production year. In such cases photo often helps.


The information on the Practwoods website is compiled with most care, but the accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. The Practwoods Store provides through this website merely information about the products and services offered by Practwoods. Changes can be made without prior notice.

Practwoods Store accepts no liability for any malfunctioning of this website. Practwoods Store accepts no responsibility for errors and omissions in the information contained on the website of the Practwoods Store (technical) and rates. Colours on the screen may differ from the products colours in reality. Therefore, in doubt look ask for the used RAL colours.

Although the Practwoods Store is doing everything in its power to prevent abuse, Practwoods Store is not liable for any information and / or messages that are sent over the Internet by users that make use of the website or the name of the brand Practwoods.


1. Information provided by the customer to Practwoods can used  for the following purposes:

1.a. The processing of the order.

1.b. The sending of one or more messages that relate to the order, but not limited to one, such as, an email with login details listed.

1.c. The (incidental) marketing a product, extra information, product care, etc., which Practwoods thinks that it can contribute to the attention to a more successful website for the client.

2. Information supplied by the customer to Practwoods will never be passed to third parties.

However, there are exceptions to this rule:

2a If a court order has been issued to provide data.

3. The data that the customer Practwoods provided will be stored in a secure environment.

4. The customer always has the ability to change the information given.

Practwoods can ask the client in such case to pass the amendment in a manner prescribed by Practwoods and in some cases, identification may be required.


Terms and Conditions

These General Conditions shall apply to the use of this website, to all Agreements concluded with Practwoods through using this website or online store, to any e-mail exchange, to the Order procedure and to all contacts and/or (legal) acts between Practwoods and its customers, also if these (legal) acts do not lead to an Agreement. By placing any order for Products (online/ Off-line), the buyer agrees to these terms Terms and Conditions. Any other terms or conditions which may at any indicated in the Buyer’s order form be or otherwise (whether oral, typed, written or printed) shall be null and void and of no effect, even if not expressly objected to by Practwoods.

Web Conditions

These General Web Conditions shall apply to any manner of use of this website, including visiting the website, navigating to other websites via this website, copying (parts of) documents, and using information of this website in whatever form. If you do not agree with the above, please leave this website immediately. By visiting this website you declare that you agree with these Conditions.

Web Content

The information on this website is provided in good faith. Practwoods has to the best of its ability checked the correctness of factual information, but accepts no liability for any incorrect or incomplete information.

Intellectual Property Rights

This website in principle contains original material. Where on this website names of companies, products or services are mentioned, this shall only be for indication purposes; all trade names and similar indications are recognized. Occasionally texts and images may be used that originate from third parties; this is only for quotation purposes or as an example, and under acknowledgement of the rights thereon of those third parties.

Offers & Quotations

All offers made on this website, including the prices and delivery periods, are without engagement. Practwoods has the right to change the prices of products mentioned on the website at any time and for any reason. In case of price increases, already concluded agreements will be carried out against the price that applied at the moment that Practwoods accepted the order. Furthermore an offer will expire if the product to which the offer relates in the meantime is no longer available, and if Practwoods changes the content of this website. Moreover, Practwoods at all times reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders at its sole discretion.

Purchase Orders

The Buyer shall submit purchase orders to Practwoods in writing, which shall set forth, at a minimum: (a) an identification of the Products ordered including Product and material specifications, (b) quantities, (c) requested date of delivery of Products, (d) the address of the location that the products will be delivered and (e) shipping instructions and shipping address. In the event of any inconsistency or variance between the terms and the conditions and those terms set forth on the Buyer’s order form, these terms and conditions shall govern. Practwoods’s order confirmation shall be final and binding upon the Buyer.


The Buyer is solely responsible for preparing Product and material specifications. Practwoods will make reasonable attempts to confirm each order in writing with our standard acknowledgement form for the specific Products ordered. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions here and as it appears on our order acknowledgement. In the event of any inconsistency or variance between Practwoods’s terms and conditions of sale and those set forth on the Buyer’s order from, our Terms and Conditions will govern. Our order confirmation is final and binding.


The agreement shall subsequently only come about if Practwoods has accepted the order placed by you per e mail. Any order of the Buyer may be accepted by Practwoods in whole or in part. No order of the buyer will be binding upon Practwoods unless accepted by Practwoods at its main office in The Netherlands, on Practwoods’s form of order acknowledgement. No other person or firm has any authority to accept orders, make representation or otherwise make binding commitments on behalf of Practwoods. Every order of the Buyer delivered to Practwoods or its agent will be binding on the buyer unless and until it is rejected in writing by Practwoods, and may not be cancelled, withdrawn or modified by the Buyer, however, in the event of a partial acceptance by Practwoods, the Buyer will no longer be bound with respect to the parts of the order not accepted by Practwoods. Acceptance of any part of the Products ordered shall constitute acceptance of all of the ordered Products, whether or not the Products are all tendered in one shipment. No Products maybe returned by the Buyer without Practwoods’s prior authorization. All returns shall be subject to verification on arrival at the location specified for the return of the Products in such written authorization.


You are held to pay the price to Practwoods in advance. You may pay the amounts in two ways:

a. by electronic banking solutions (PayPal, iDEAL, VISA and Mastercard via STRIPE)

b. by payment in advance per bank transfer


All prices are listed unless indicated otherwise on our order confirmation. The prices of all products that can be ordered via the website are inclusive of taxes and exclusive of shipment costs. Special or unusual packaging, shipping or handling will be subject to an additional charge. Prices include normal packaging. Prices do not include storage or insurance charges, sales and other taxes, inside delivery, un-crating and installation costs. Special handling or crating is additional. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. List Prices are based in (€)EURO or ($)USD. All payments by Buyer shall be in (€) EURO or in ($) USD. The currency exchange rate at the day of order confirmation will be applied. Orders are subject to Practwoods’s list prices at the time of order acknowledgement and each shipment will be invoiced at such prices. Orders with an extended delivery date may be subject to special pricing. If any tax, tariff, duty or charge, now or hereafter imposed by any governmental authority, foreign or domestic, upon materials sold here and upon the production, sale, transportation, use or delivery thereof, is required to be paid or collected by Practwoods directly or indirectly, either by such governmental authority or agency or by virtue of Practwoods’s contract with Practwoods’s vendors, the amount thereof shall be added to the price provided for herein and paid by Buyer. Practwoods may, at Practwoods’s option, add to the price of the materials sold hereunder the amount of any increase in transportation charges for shipments to Buyer provided that such transportation charges are payable by Practwoods hereunder.

Changes and Cancellations

Requests for changes or cancellations to an order are subject to Practwoods’s agreement to make these changes. Requests must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of Practwoods’s receipt of the original purchase order and are subject to Practwoods’s prior written approval, which may be withheld in Practwoods’s sole discretion. An order placed by the Buyer with and accepted by Practwoods can be cancelled, suspended, or extended only with Practwoods’s written consent and upon terms that will indemnify Practwoods against loss and provide Practwoods with a reasonable profit for its time, services, use of facilities and otherwise. The Buyer will be obligated to accept any good shipped or delivered by Practwoods prior to cancellation, suspension or extension of the order. Any attempt of the Buyer to unilaterally revoke acceptance for any reason after he has accepted any shipment shall constitute a breach of this Agreement. For the purposes of this paragraph, acceptance shall be any waiver of inspection use or possession of goods, payment of the invoice, or any indication of exclusive control exercised by the Buyer. Changes will be subject to revised delivery dates and additional charges for materials and labor, as determined by Practwoods in their sole discretion. All orders that require special materials or construction are not subject to cancellations.

Shipment & Delivery Times

The delivery times stated by Practwoods are indicative. Delivery later than the date indicated by Practwoods will not entitle you to claim damages. The products shall be delivered at the address indicated by you on the ground floor only. There will be no inside delivery. Practwoods is not liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature caused by non-delivery or delivery later than indicated by Practwoods.


You are held to (have others) inspect the products closely immediately after receipt. If you do not wish to accept a product for whatever reason, you have the right to return the product to Practwoods within 14 days after receipt. Return shipments will be accepted if the products are undamaged and in their original packaging. Return of Products will not be accepted without our written authorization and shipping instructions. You will assume the costs for return shipments. You are responsible for the manner of shipping and for the risk of the parcel or package¬-and you herewith accept that responsibility and risk-until Practwoods has received and accepted the returned products. You are liable for any damage to the packaging or to the products caused during the return. You must adequately stamp the returned products. Practwoods will not accept inadequately stamped packages. You are also obliged to comply with any other return conditions set by Practwoods. If you fail to meet those conditions, you will continue to be the owner of the relevant product and the purchase amount will not be paid back to you.

Merger Clause

Practwoods’s dealers, salespeople or other employees may have made oral statements about the merchandise described in this order. Such statements do not constitute warranties, shall not be relied upon by the Buyer and are not part of the order. The order is embodied in this writing and any and all representations, promises, warranties and statements by Practwoods’s or its and/or their Agent(s) that differ in any way from the terms of this written agreement shall be given no force or effect.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This website and any legal relationships resulting from the use of this website shall be governed by Dutch law. Any disputes to which the use of this website may give rise shall exclusively be submitted for settlement to the competent courts in The Netherlands. In case of litigation and at its sole discretion Practwoods may commence and prosecute such litigation in any jurisdiction in which the Buyer may be located or found or may do or transact business. If any situation occurs between the parties that have not been described in these Terms and Conditions, that situation will have to be assessed in accordance with the spirit of these Terms and Conditions.


All designs shown in our catalogues and price lists are, and remain, our property. All dimensions and colours shown are approximate.


Practwoods carefully selects only the finest quality products for its Products. While Practwoods makes every effort to match consistence appearance of the product, all Products are sold subject to commercially acceptable variations or irregularities of colour, surface, grain or texture due to the nature of the materials and techniques applied.


Practwoods guarantees the soundness of the delivered products for up to 5 years. If it appears that the delivered products are defective, they must be sent back to Practwoods with their postage paid. After that, Practwoods can decide whether to: – repair the products; – replace the products; or – refund to you the price paid for the products. In all of the aforesaid cases when Practwoods has chosen the option of repairing any defects. You can only make a claim under the guarantee after you have performed all of your obligations towards Practwoods. The following losses do not qualify for compensation: -trading loss and consequential loss, including for example stagnation damage and loss of profits; -damage caused by intent or deliberate recklessness of auxiliary persons; -damage caused by excess of the delivery period. You shall indemnify Practwoods against any claims of third parties under product liability resulting from any defect in a product that has been delivered by you to a third party and that (inter alia) consisted of products delivered by Practwoods.

VAT, Taxes & Import outside the EU.

Charges such as import duties or during import declaration are for the buyers expense. Business and individual clients should acknowledge the risk of international shipment. Shipments of large items or bigger quantities outside the European Union require a Customs broker and ISF procedure to declare the goods in your country.  Please check with your local customs office for exact information.